Raise your hand if you’re having a hard time promoting your startup.

You feel driven to build. What will drive people to buy from you? The value you offer isn’t in the products you create—it’s in your motivations for creating them.

Your unique perspective, skills and beliefs draw people in. Instead of endlessly patching together productivity, marketing, and sales tips, consider what makes your idea so worthy of sacrifice.

Don’t waste your talents.

For builders, tinkerers and creators, the constant flow of ideas and desire to make them concrete is a strength that can become a weakness. You only have so much time, energy and money. Jumping from idea to development to marketing creates room for endless options and overwhelm. Branding removes possibilities that aren’t relevant for your company.

How does branding help build your business?

Your brand isn’t meant to be a surface illusion. It should be the support system for your entire enterprise. Branding is a process that gives your ideas structure so your execution meets market needs. It provides the parameters for what is “good enough” at each stage of development. It guides your product development and shows you which partners, employees and investors to chase.

You Can Create a Compelling Brand in 5-20 Minute Increments

Branding is one of the most misunderstood parts of building a business. It’s often confused with visual design, and used interchangeably with “logo.” If this is how you’ve thought about branding, you’re missing vital, time-saving info.

Identify your true competitors


Save time testing & validating ideas

Find your ideal audience faster

Stop being a copycat—market with creativity

Save money on design & marketing fees

Pinpoint your value proposition


Wherever you’re at in your business development, identifying and building on your natural strengths makes you more authentic and appealing. Start clarifying your message by exploring what motivates you.

Find out which of the 12 archetypes encapsulates your message best.

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