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Looking better starts with knowing who you are.

When you’re fighting for your place in the market, investing in your brand is your secret weapon. Most rookies don’t do this because they think branding is an expensive luxury for big B2C businesses; they confuse branding with frivolous visual design. Branding is just the process of organizing and prioritizing your ideas, and finding ways to leverage your uniqueness in the market.

As an entrepreneur, you’re wearing a lot of hats and dealing with a steep learning curve. Mastering the basics of your brand early on simplifies your job by removing distractions and attracting the right people to you. Spend your time, money and energy where it makes the biggest difference—define what you stand for before you continue to build your company.

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Use the 80/20 Rule to Build your Brand

Your time and energy are valuable, and so is your brand. Don’t waste resources on low-level tasks, like hiring somone on Fiverr to make a logo. Instead, get a glimpse into how successful businesses have used design and brand strategy to improve their companies and their products from the inside out.

Brand Insights Quiz


The best online quiz you’ll take today. Examine your company’s natural strengths to refine your message.

Intro Guide to Branding

TIME TO READ: 20 min

How has your approach to branding and marketing been wasting your time? Make these tools work for you.

Brand Assessment Tool


Learn what to do to improve your idea, message and image. Build a more consistent brand.

Branding Saves Time & Builds a Better Business

Start with What You Know

You’re already taking in a lot of new information and juggling a billion things. Use our resources to help you leverage what you’ve learned about your market, your expertise and yourself. Prioritize as you discover new information.

Reduce Overwhelm

The beauty of working on your brand is that it’s a process of elimination. Instead of adding more to your plate, this shows you what distractions to take away so only your most valuable and relevant ideas are left. Simplify your to-do list.

You Don't Need a Logo

You need a system. Most entrepreneurs equate their “brand” with their logo and colors; these are just visual reminders of your brand. If you’re just starting out, don’t get hung up on your lack of logo—focus on your message.

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